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ATOM Dubai

ATOM Dubai

ATOM Dubai is an integrated, full service agency head quartered in


, providing loads of inspiration in brand development, advertising, below-the-line and web/digital marketing and Social media services. Our talented, multi-cultural team of brand, advertising, digital and social media professionals learnt their trade at big name agencies and are now enjoying the freedom to inspire and craft ideas that help our clients thrive and grow across the GCC region and beyond.

We have developed brands as decision-making assets, created behaviour-changing advertising campaigns and been pioneers in the ever-evolving world of digital communications.

The ATOMites are a dynamic, multi-national team of experts in brand, advertising and online communications. We have a team culture and service ethic at our core and in a region where late is the norm we work hard at being flexible, responsive and on-time. We even turn up early for meetings when we don’t use up our snagging time!

We are all about creating the right chemistry internally and externally which greatly helps guide every decision we take (we practice what we preach and went through an empowering brand discovery process).

Living in the Loft Offices we cleverly noticed our office was designed as a home rather than office space. The natural outcome was to make our office more homely than your average work space. This seemed to fit in well with the growing trend towards working from home – we work from home at work if that makes sense!

We uncover the core strength of brands in a concise and meaningful way that impacts from top to bottom, establishing brands as decision-making assets.

Every team within an organisation is brought together with a common purpose enabling functions like HR to create a strong culture and marketing to unleash an idea in a consistent and behaviour changing way.

It’s part the science of consultancy and part the inspiration of creativity.

Our integrated approach helps brands live and breathe whether it’s through internal communication, a new or refreshed identity, digital activation, a blockbusting ad campaign or social engagement.

A leading brand and advertising agency creating the right chemistry internally and with clients to craft great ideas which get noticed and change behaviour.

An integrated full service agency, with headquarters in Dubai, providing inspiration in brand development, advertising, below-the-line and the full digital mix: web, mobile, social, content, search and paid.

Inspiration is…our clients.
While we work hard at all of the nitty gritty involved in running a successful marketing agency we also value being a little bit alternative. We’ve stuffed ATOM Dubai full of brand gurus, advertising geniuses and digital whizzers, who, to get the job, had to prove they were bursting with fresh ideas, fitted in with everyone and enjoy doing what they do. Our agency thinking; ideas rule the world, and that’s what we’re all about, drawing inspiration from our surroundings to come up with concepts that create loads and loads of noise.