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Why Video Content Helps Build Brands Online

Did you know that 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them? Buidling video content into your content marketing strategy represents a great opportunity for brands to build trust, authenticity and relevance with their target audience.

Cornerstone videos, which is what they’re called, help build the foundation of your brand’s identity, voice mission and goals. If you’re serious about building your brand’s credibility through online channels such as social media, a video is a great place to start!

Powerful Video Content Tells a Story, Don’t Sell a Product

A brand video is your chance to explain to your audience what your brand is all about and what makes you tick. Telling your brand’s story with online video content helps build an emotional connection with your audience, bringing your brand to life in a memorable way – viewers typically retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

But beware, the temptation to switch from a brand-led video to product-focused or promotional ad content (which let’s face it, is rank) will be there, so keep the following in mind when brainstorming the content.

Video content should offer more than a hard sell

Video content should offer more than a hard sell!

Give the viewer an insight into who you really are

Forget the boring facts! Like, how many customers you serve or detailing the variety of services your business offers – save that for the sales pitch. In a brand video, keep your focus squarely on the narrative of your brand – your company story. Here’s just a handful of ideas.

The origin story – You’ve all seen the epic Marvel movies – Iron Man, Black Panther – and know how well they do at the Box Office. Now channel that plot when you’re making your brand video. Tap into your brand’s origin story, how it came about and what you set out to achieve. Talk about your struggles, the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

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If you talk about the present or align your content to a particular message, demonstrate your company values in action like how you help affect change for the greater good – whether that’s involvement in a local professional community or an altruistic charity project.

Authentic Video Content is Crucial

There’s a reason why third-party review sites are popular and why word of mouth is such a powerful marketing channel. When people find out about your business, they want to know what other people think about it.

Potential customers are looking for the lowdown on your brand. Customer testimonials, reviews or recommendation are incredibly powerful at helping to build your brand reputation. Bear in mind that when adding this sort of narrative arc to a brand story authenticity is crucial.

Over polished video content featuring models just won’t have the same impact the way an earnest, honest message does. To achieve this use real people rather than actors and if possible, include footage from the shop floor or behind the scenes of your operations.

Consider telling stories about your staff and give your audience an inside story into your world. Did you know, the largest number of interactions a customer has with a brand is through its company staff?

Inauthentic video content will be called out by your audience

Inauthentic video content will be called out by your audience

Build Trust and Establish a Relationship

If a key component to a brand story is authenticity another is trust. It’s the one element that factors into almost all purchasing decisions for a customer, regardless of what the transaction is.

Rather than thinking what content might manipulate a sale, consider what the need is – the purpose of your business. In meeting a customer’s needs, you can meet your own, which is to grow an audience and establish a positive reputation.

The right video can easily establish a rapport with your customers, slowly building trust and, in time, translating into business growth and brand value.

Now go out there and make that next brand blockbuster!

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