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The Unsung Heroes

buy soma cod accepted soma pharmacy COD saturday delivery For some, creativity isn’t just the way they think. It’s the way they live their lives to bring changes to the people around them. At ATOM, we believe inspiration is everywhere and creativity is inspiration put into action. Presenting, the unsung heroes of our time. They are not celebrities. They lead ordinary lives but strive to bring extra ordinary changes to the lives of millions. They receive no parades or holidays. We salute them- precisely because their lives inspire.

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Pastor Lee-Jong-rak: A pastor in S. Korea who created “baby box”. He attached the box to the side of his house, to allow parents to deposit their mentally handicapped or unwanted babies, to stop them being abandoned. Read More

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Gulabi Gang:

Buy Xanax In Houston A group of female Indian vigilantes, who all wear pink sarees. The group fight against child marriages, the dowry system, domestic violence and female illiteracy. Read More

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Alexandra Scott:

Order Xanax From Mexican Pharmacy When diagnosed with cancer, Alexandra started a lemonade stand with her brother to raise money in support of finding a cure. By the time she passed (just 8 years old), she had raised +$1m. the stand has since become a charity foundation raising over $120m. Read More

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Dr. Sanduk Ruit: An eye surgeon from Nepal who has restored the sight of over 120,000 people across Africa and Asia. For his work in taking quality, life-transforming cataract surgery to the poorest, he has been referred to as the “God of Sight”. Read More

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Elspeth Beard:

enter An astonishing achievement of its time for a woman to take such a challenge which is extremely rare. An architect and motorcyclist, who is noted for being the first English woman to ride a motorcycle around the world. Read More
Gulabi Gang
Alexandra Scott
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