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Content Creation: Attract Videos

Ready for a useful insight into effective content creation? The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their… eyes. That’s a fact according to a study published in The Journal of Research in Personality, which is why when planning for video content, us advertising and marketing folk find the Attract Video format… well, very attractive!

An Attract Video is designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, luring complete strangers to your brand, website or store where you can then charm them into the consideration phase.

What is an Attract Video?

When it Comes to Content Creation, Consider Your Channels

When you’re planning an Attract Video, think about the channels it will be viewed on as this will have an impact on how it’s shot, edited and enhanced. For example, if you’re cutting a video to a typical 16:9 ratio and then want to use it across Instagram you might find yourself compromising the content when you edit it to a square format because yes, size does matter.

Content creation fact: Cats are top out when it comes to going viral

Content creation fact: Cats are top out when it comes to going viral

Powerful Online Video Content Should Create Impact!

For any Attract Video content, the first 5-seconds are crucial, after this threshold, they drop like flies. Don’t tease out any critical key message that could otherwise counter a ‘Skip’ click. Hit the viewer with something powerful or enticing to retain their attention.

Here’s a powerful tip: consider how people will consume content. If the video is used on social or shown in an ambient public environment (an elevator, for example) support soundless views. Develop room for captioning into your storyboard and when scripting. If it helps, think of all those poor souls surfing the net at work.

Caption video content for silent viewers

Get the Story Righ, Keep the Edit Tight

Whether shooting your own original content, using stock footage or animating a set of static visuals, ultimately all video carries better impact than static content as long as you nail the narrative and keep the edit tight.

When it comes to narrative, our advice would be to avoid speaking too much about the product. There are other tools and opportunities that meet the objective of product promotion better. With Attract Videos, let the brand’s values and personality shine.

online video content: Keep narrative and edit tight in

If you’re serious about effective content creation and building your brand’s credibility using video content, our article on how to build a brand using creative video is a great place to start!