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Social Media Services

ATOM Powered – social media support from start to end

Whether it’s for the immediate wins like brand awareness and audience growth; increased reach and interaction. Or for a long-term strategic play like increasing direct web traffic, developing leads or encouraging user-generated content and community activation, ATOM helps brands leverage the power of social media.

We are transparent and don’t promise the earth but we get to know even the smallest story about your brand that will resonate with your audience and cause them to take action.

Our aim is to execute brilliant social media tactics to help your business or brand achieve its strategic objectives. Here’s how that support stacks up…

Social Media Services | ATOM Dubai
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Plan – develop social media strategies

Taking on the customer and competitor research, audience segmentation, targeting and positioning that forms the strategy and underpins everything – from tactics to execution, metrics and analysis leading to a full evaluation.

Create – produce top notch content for social media

From images and videos, posts that inspire, educate or entertain, to SEO optimised articles and blogs. We create, curate and collate meaningful content that talks to the audience you need to reach. Whatever the budget or scale of project we’ll create content that cuts through.

Create | ATOM Dubai
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Listen & Engage – help with community management

Your community is everything and if you’re going to be in the social media space you can’t be a lurker in the background. You need to engage with your community and we can help take some of that burden away by being your social eyes and ears.

Boost & Promoting – support with social media advertising

A combination of creative thought and science, a social media advertising campaign is not hard to set up but it’s easy to mess up and waste a lot of money! ATOM can help you with the pain points, from improved targeting and audience development through to better performing ads and results.

If you’ve a social media challenge you’d like our help with, get in touch with your brief.