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Agency Life

Agency Life


We are all about creating the right chemistry internally and externally which greatly helps guide every decision we take (we practice what we preach and went through an empowering brand discovery process).

Living in the Loft Offices we cleverly noticed our office was designed as a home rather than office space. The natural outcome was to make our office more homely than your average work space. This seemed to fit in well with the growing trend towards working from home – we work from home at work if that makes sense!

Show & Tell


We’re all for being smarties but Guinness Clear has created a few murmurs of discontent amongst the great and good of ATOM. When all is said and done it’s a pint of water and while we applaud the drink responsibly sentiment is it all a ruse to get people to feel all gooey about Guinness and drink more of the black stuff?

Magazine Club


Our mid-week Club Pow Wow is where we share some of the best articles related to a specific topic of the week This week we turned our attention to Unilever’s purpose driven brand growth strategy. If giving a brand a purpose leads it to grow at the extraordinary rates Unilever claim why don’t all brands do it? And there we got stuck especially that we are surrounded by brands striving for short term growth through promotions and competitions.

Chemistry Lab


Every Thursday morning at nearly the crack of dawn we take time out to learn a little bit more about each other and the cultures we come from. Our latest theme is for each person on the ATOM team to present their top 5 cartoons. While there has been big debates surrounding whether animations are cartoons and political correctness it’s been great fun hearing about the watching habits and loves from far flung places across the world. Conclusion, cartoons cross country and cultural boundaries.

Boys Corner


Time for albums of the year, far superior top 5’s to the NME and Guardian’s lists!


Tony Dodds

Andy Fenton

Sons of Kemet:
Your Queen is a Reptile
Gogo Penguin:
A Humdrum Star
Songs of Praise
The Blue Hour
Ben Howard:
Noonday Dream
Songs of Praise
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever:
Hope Downs
Dance Music
Slow Readers Club:
Build A Tower
The Blue Hour
Anna Calvi:
Joy as an act of Resistance
Death Cab for Cutie:
Thank you for the Day
BC Camplight:
Deportation Blues
*Tony Dodds (wine whiz at MMI)
**Andy Fenton (wine whiz at Boutinot)

Current Favourites


Music:Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth
Film/TV Show:Killing Eve (we’re all in love with Jodie Comer)
Book:Big Sky, Kate Atkinson
Food:Ravi’s, Satwa (again, again)
Excited About:Trump imploding (please)
Recommendation:North Devon, amazing beaches