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Agency Life

Agency Life


We are all about creating the right chemistry internally and externally which greatly helps guide every decision we take (we practice what we preach and went through an empowering brand discovery process).

Living in the Loft Offices we cleverly noticed our office was designed as a home rather than office space. The natural outcome was to make our office more homely than your average work space. This seemed to fit in well with the growing trend towards working from home – we work from home at work if that makes sense!

Show & Tell


Deliberate or a good old fashioned mistake that was amplified by social media? Conspiracy theories abound but why would an airline that lives by its meticulous attention to detail advertise themselves as being super sloppy and slapdash? As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity, or is it?

Magazine Club


Our mid-week Club Pow Wow is where we share some of the best articles related to a specific topic of the week. This week we were inspired by the Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. Half of America are now burning their Nike trainers while the other half (and the rest of the world) are now buying more! Was it a cynical commercial move by Nike or rather were they simply staying true to their brand ethos. I like to think the latter, a big brand making a bold statement that draws attention to a social issue that won’t go away.

Chemistry Lab


Every Thursday morning at nearly the crack of dawn we take time out to learn a little bit more about each other and the cultures we come from. Our latest theme is for each person on the ATOM team to present their top 5 brands and why they love them and then everyone guesses which is their favourite before the big reveal. Fred Perry is getting a lot of love but I expect Marmite to come with a late run! I hate it but still love it if that makes any sense.

Boys Corner


Time for albums of the year, far superior top 5’s to the NME and Guardian’s lists!


Tony Dodds

Andy Fenton

Different Days
Arcade Fire:
Everything Now
Reverend and the Makers:
Death of a King
Dark Days + Canapés
The National:
Sleep Well Beast
The National:
Sleep Well Beast
British Sea Power:
Let The Dancers Inherit The Party
War On Drugs:
A Deeper Understanding
LCD Soundsystem:
American Dream
Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett:
Lotta Sea Lice
LCD Soundsystem:
American Dream
The National:
Sleep Well Beast
Arcade Fire:
Everything Now
The XX:
I See You
*Tony Dodds (wine whiz at MMI)
**Andy Fenton (wine whiz at MMI)

Current favourites


Music: Sons of Kemet, Your Queen is a Reptile
Film/TV Show: The Vietnam War on Netflix – epic!
Book: From a Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan
Food: The Coconut Tree in Cheltenham, awesome!
About: Never Mind The Opera and Last Night of the Proms at Dubai Opera
Recommendation: Gifford’s Circus – old school brilliance